Mini-Trio taster

Our best-selling Mini-Trio set of books is a complete introduction to basic Esperanto.

Mini-Course covers basic grammar and vocabulary in ten short lessons; exercises and a vocabulary list are included. Self-check answers for the exercises are available. If you would like tutor support, please contact us.

Mini-Grammar gives a clear, compact and non-technical overview of the grammar. Points are arranged alphabetically, allowing you to quickly find what you need.

Mini-Dictionary has a useful basic core vocabulary with 3,000 translations in each direction. It covers all the vocabulary used in Mini-Course, and more!

Language competition – coming soon!

Classes and individuals will be able to register, receive sets of our pocket-size mini booklets, and then have fun exploring the language together.  The competition will involve translation tasks into and out of Esperanto, and for younger children, specially prepared tasks to help raise language awareness.

Watch this space …