Springboard to Languages

Springboard to Languages is currently taught in several primary schools. The evaluation of our pilot programme will be available shortly. Anyone interested, please get in touch (contact details below).

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Why Esperanto?

Esperanto is constructed in such a way that a short study of the language can raise children’s awareness of how language works. The strategy and benefits of this approach are summarised on the page Springboard: a supporting language learning.

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What people say about Springboard

Esperanto is used in some 90 countries around the world and is perfect for learning about other cultures and lifestyles. It is uniquely placed in the world of languages to provide contacts with classes and schools from many different countries.

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Are you ready to take the next step?

I thought the weaker readers had enough trouble trying to read English, but in fact, it’s easier to read in Esperanto, and it’s given them a real confidence boost.



Leon, a boy who struggles with reading and spelling in English, gets most annoyed if he misses an Esperanto lesson!

Springboard… to Languages language learning for KS1 and KS2

Our programmes offer a unique introduction to how language works.

They use the regular, international language Esperanto as a tool to raise language awareness and build transferable skills. As such they are an ideal preparation for learning other languages. Attractive and easily accessible, they can be used at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. They include cross-curricular activities and support Literacy and Numeracy. The programmes are particularly suitable for the non-specialist teacher of foreign languages.Ideal to deliver as part of general Literacy, as a short course to build language-learning skills or as regular 10-minute awareness building starters for your weekly language lessons.

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