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Alright. I know you’ve all seen the ads on TV for them. is a site you go to review services and professionals in your area that you recommend or to warn others away from. They say they don’t take ads, but there is no way to tell, as they will not let you experience the site at all even in a trial form in anyway shape or form.
You can’t even SEE if your location has any review coverage, or even other members, unless you cough up at least $2 a month to start. There is no free trial. There is no NOTHING but a video of Angie herself telling you how great it is and some walk throughs. None of which is actually letting you experience the site in anyway. To me it just smells of a scam.
So I’m wondering… who runs this site? How big of a sham is it? They make lots of money obviously to have that many ads on tv but it is by tricking millions of people $2 at a time who only want to see a peek if it’s useful for them?
Why can’t they have a two tier system. Let you sign up free and see what in your area is reviewed and so many reviews there are, maybe even a rating, but not see the reviews? Maybe even let you leave reviews, but not read them. This way they can build up the locations they do not have a lot of coverage in thus making it a bigger site, reaching more people, and make it more viable to more paying members.
But no. They close it. Lock it down, make it exclusive and elusive. They make it what most sites in this day and age of open information are leaving behind.
If there is one thing I know from my work on Artfire, you have to give people something for free. It might only be a a few things in order to get them to upgrade, but you have give them function and purpose for coming there to begin with and when they do you reward their loyalty for subscribing with even more function.
The fact Angie’s List has been running this long under this model makes me increasingly more suspicious of it since logically it should have shut down a couple years ago.

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