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What do you – the teacher – want?

I’m not a specialist languages teacher and I don’t have much extra time to start learning one now, so anything I do has to be easily accessible to me as the teacher – but then again, I want to teach it right! And I want to speak with a good accent and be a good role model for the children. I also want something than can be slotted in at different times during the school day because I know ‘little and often’ is best and our days are jam-packed! – something cross-curricular would be ideal.

What do you – the headteacher – want?

I’d like an exciting, easy introduction to foreign languages that does not make too many extra demands on my hard-working staff. I’m particularly keen that such a programme should be part of general literacy. We like to encourage an ‘international ethos’ and anything that gives the school opportunities to link with partner schools abroad would be good. And of course, many of our children do not have English as their first language and I think it’s very important to encourage a respect for, and interest in, their languages and cultures.
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