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Many schools used to teach children the recorder, not to produce a nation of recorder players, but as a preparation for learning other instruments.Springboard uses Esperanto, not to produce a nation of Esperanto-speakers, but as a preparation for learning other languages.The Springboard project offers a comprehensive programme of language awareness development and introduction to languages for pupils at KS1 and 2, easily implemented by a non-specialist teacher of languages. By using a regular, phonetic language as a springboard to second language learning the project aims to:

Why does Springboard use Esperanto?

  • Esperanto is an ideal ‘apprentice’ or ‘starter’ language. It brings together elements from other languages and has structures and word-building features which are easily accessible to young learners.
  • Its regular structure helps learners to develop a feel for nouns, verbs and adjectives, etc.
  • It is used in some 90 countries round the world and is perfect for learning about other cultures and lifestyles.

I can do it!

  • increase a pupil’s awareness of language structure generally
  • highlight the links between languages
  • stimulate a love of, and interest in, language-learning through creative manipulation of the language
  • encourage a positive self-image in each pupil as a successful language learner

Springboard builds a firm foundation of knowledge and understanding of foreign languages and helps enrich and consolidate a learner’s knowledge of English.

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