Here we give a few examples of how children can access sentences in other languages.
By the third lesson of the Springboard to Languages programme children have learned the Esperanto words for colours, nouns and the numbers one to ten. They also know the verb estas (is / am /are). Try yourself – what do these sentences mean? Don’t forget that they may look ‘simple’ to you, but you are probably already highly language aware!
Key words in Esperanto: bruna = brown; blua = blue; verda = green; granda = ig; kamelo = camel; tri = three; sep = seven; sur = on
Le nom du hamster est ‘Fred’. (French) Die Katze ist braun und blau. (German) El elefante es grande. (Spanish) Tigrul este negru şi verde. (Romanian) Sept serpents verts sont sur la grande table. (French) Il cammello è grande. (Italian) Sechs Katzen sitzen im Haus. (German) De kameel drinkt de koffie van de familie. (Dutch) În parc sunt trei elefanţi. (Romanian)
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